Specialising exclusively in classical portraits cast in the enduring medium of bronze, using the ancient 'lost wax' technique, Nichola believes that a good portrait should combine sound technical skills with perceptiveness and sensitivity in equal measure.  Unlike the majority of artists, she actually prefers to work mainly from video and photographic material, occasionally if convenient  combined with one or two short sittings.  In this way, she feels that her initial instinctive impressions of the subjects personality, vitality and elusive 'aura' remain fresh and undiminished. This unusual ability has the valuable advantage that the subject does not necessarily have to be present for sittings.

Always conscious of her responsibility to the integrity of her subject, her portraits successfully capture forever a fleeting moment of movement and mood in a still and timeless medium.

Charles J Haughey




Bronze bust of Charles J. Haughey, former Taoiseach of Ireland, Exhibited at The Royal Hibernian Academy - 2003. (Featured on RTE television programme 'Arts Lives' - 2007 )
"A superb portrait"  - Charles Haughey, 2002.














Final clay model for HRH Prince of Wales - 2003


"Nicky Kyle's artistic integrity is refreshing...Her works speak for themselves, demonstrating her exceptional talent and rare ability to convey a real sense of the person. I know of no other artist at present producing such fine portraits." - Patricia Barrow,  Listoke Gallery,  Drogheda,  Co. Louth.







The late Lawrence D. Hills, 1998.(commissioned posthumously by The Henry Doubleday Research Association)

"To mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of HDRA, we commissioned a bronze bust of our founder the late Lawrence D. Hills from artist Nicky Kyle...The sculpture had, of course, to be modelled using just photographs and television footage.  The result is an astonishing likeness that goes right to the essence of the man. Head thrust forwards, with a twinkle in his eyes and lips about to part, he is clearly set to embark on  a new  project."  -  Alan Gear, Chief Executive, Henry Doubleday Research Association.






Mick Kinnane


Michael Kinane - bronze 1997

Michael Kinane - bronze 1997